Six Things Ive Learned From Being a Mother

The month of June marks the sixth month of my little Mia’s life as well as my sixth month being a mother. I am still in complete awe that I have been given the gift of motherhood so the fact that half of an entire year has passed by me in the blink of an eye is just astonishing. 

It has been the biggest change I have yet to experience in my life, filled with so much joy, love, and learning. I know I still have a very long journey of motherhood ahead of my but I do have to admit, I have learned so much in such a short six months. So in honor of Emilia’s half birthday, here are six things I have discovered and learned from being a mother.  

1. Sleep Habits Will Change 

In the past six months my sleeping habits have been so sporadic and fluctuated that I don’t even keep track of how many hours of sleep I get anymore. I just close my eyes when my head hits the pillow at night and hope it’s for at least three solid hours. Which I might add doesn’t always happen with a breastfeeding, teething, growth spurt infant. Before I got pregnant I slept like a rock. I could sleep the day away and be up partying all night like the night owl I was. My life is completely opposite as a parent considering now I go to bed around the time I would be going out and I wake up around the time I would be going to sleep. As a new mother, I definitely can’t stay up past three in the morning anymore. And if I’m up watching the sunrise, it’s not because I’m sobering up from that night but because I’ve been woken up by a sweet giggling baby on the bed next to me. However in my six short months of motherhood, I have learned I can run on two to four hours of sleep at night and still feel completely blissful toward my daughter. 

2. No Such Thing As Silence 

While there are hours of the day that my baby girl is absolutely silent and sleeping soundly. In my head I hear her crying! I don’t mean like voices in my head crying but constantly feeling like the baby is awake. Seriously, I will put her down for a nap, go outside in the yard about 20 feet from the room she is sleeping in and swear on my life I can hear her stirring or crying. Only to go inside and see her peacefully asleep. Sometimes my momma bird instincts are right on and I actually do hear her cry. Though it does get frustrating when I try to take a relaxing and much needed shower with a crying baby right out side the door. It’s even worse when I think I hear her crying, get out of the shower to check on her, only to see her siting there fast asleep. It’s like my brain tricks me into believing I hear crying. And if I do actually hear it, I can hear it over anything else around me almost as if it’s this weird super power or something. Either way, silence has been non existent for the past six months. 

3. Patience Is Key

When I have a cranky baby who is fighting her nap or constantly wanting to be held because her gums are sore from teething but I also have five loads of laundry to fold or a well needed shower after three days, I can sometimes get a bit frustrated. Being a new mom, I can tell you I have definitely already learned some patience. Before my daughter I was this huge neat freak that had to everything just so. Now I realize what needs to be done will get done eventually and as long as my teeth are brushed, I’m alright. Being patient with my baby and not expressing negative emotions toward her is so much more important than having the clothes folded perfectly or keeping the house model clean. As long as I keep my cool with her, she can feel that I’m calm therefore it keeps her calm enough to get what really needs to be done done. 

4. Say Goodbye to a Spotless House

Before I got pregnant, and even when I was pregnant, I was constantly wiping surfaces and cleaning floors, wiping baseboard and vacuuming five sometimes six days a week. My house was no where near filthy but I guess the nesting bug hit me head because no matter how much I cleaned I felt like the house was never clean enough. There was never a dish in the sink, never a bed unmade and barely any dog hair on the carpets. Since becoming a mom, I’m lucky enough to get the dishes done before I go to bed. I can forget about perfectly made hospital corner beds like my grandma taught me. And I’m lucky enough if I get the house vacuumed three times a week. 

5. Cuddling Is A Must

I have to admit, I’ve never really been much of a cuddlier. I don’t mind snuggling up on the couch with my love and watching a movie but when it comes time for bed, I do not want to be in close contact at all. I want to be able to lay on my stomach, stretch out my arms and legs and drift into dreamland. That all changed when I became a mom. Personal space is a thing of the past. Especially since Mia is breastfed, she is in close proximity to me all night long. Even though she has her own bed, she somehow ends up in bed beside me cuddled up with her hands all over my face, pulling my hair and kicking mu stomach for more room. She loves to cuddle and be held to sleep. And you know what, I truly prefer it. I want her to want to cuddle with me and hold her any chance I get. She’s only this little for such a short time, and one day she won’t fit so easily in my arms. So for now cuddling is an absolute must. 

6. I Am Loved

I know my family and friends love me and I know my fiancé loves me as well. I have so much love in my life that you would think I knew what it felt like to really be loved. But I truly didn’t. I had no idea what it meant to look into the eyes of a new life and see yourself and so much more. I had no idea of the true concept of unconditional love for such a tiny beautiful soul until I gave birth. I never knew that I could feel so down then be given the cutest little smile and literally feel your heart swell up with such extreme happiness. Everyday I have someone who looks at me as if I am their entire world. She smiles at me with true and unconditional love that I can feel running through my entire body. I am never alone when I look into her eyes. I am never ugly, wrong or not good enough. To her, I am everything. Just as she is to me. I now know what it feels like to take such a huge piece of my soul and put it into someone else. It’s as if I am watching my own heart beating outside of my body. My first born, my Mia. She really is my one true love. 





Easy Breakfast Omelette Cups 

Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal. However with an infant constantly attached to your hip, it’s not always easy to prepare a healthy and delicious meal for your family. That’s why when I discovered these omelette cups, I was so excited to try them myself.

They’re quick to make and not to mention, great for little baby hands discovery new foods. Plus you can add or take out any ingredients you want. These are what I decided to use. 

You will need:

18 eggs (scrambled and uncooked) 

2 cups of shredded cheese (of your choice) I used sharp

1 cup of chopped turkey (or your choice of meat)

1 chopped bell pepper (your choice of color) I used green 

1/2 cup of chopped cherry tomatoes 

1/4 cup of olive oil

Salt, Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder. (Seasonings of your choice

Cupcake Pan
First you must preheat your oven to 350. Be sure to lightly grease your pan with olive oil to prevent the omelettes from sticking. I am sure you can use cooking spray, however I did not have any at the time so I went with olive oil. 

Scramble all your eggs into one bowl, or a measuring cup, as I did. Add the salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, or what seasonings you prefer, to the uncooked eggs. 

Pour eggs as evenly as possible into cupcake tin just below the top of the cup. Next add all your chopped ingredients of your choice to the cups followed by sprinkling the cheese over the top of each cup.


Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes checking every so often to see if eggs are fully cooked. You will know because you will see they have risen above the pan a bit like a cupcake would do.

You may need to use a knife or some sort of utensil to get the omlettes out of the pan. I found that even saturating the pan with oil, butter or cooking spray, pieces manage to stick. 

There you have it. A simple yet delicious breakfast for the family of all ages. You can play with the recipe as you wish. I’ve done these with cooked sausage, deli ham, spinach, mushrooms, ect. Anything you enjoy in an omelette goes wonderful in these mini bites. 

I hope you enjoy. 

Sincerely, Tiffany 

How to Get a Breastfed Baby to Take a Bottle

As a new mother, I had no experience what so ever when it came to breastfeeding a baby. Between previously working in day cares, babysitting infants and being around younger cousins, I had bottle fed a fair share of breastfed babies. Once I became a mother of my own I was given a whole new task. I had accomplished exclusively breastfeeding right from the beginning and was extremely proud of that. Mia was an excellent eater and gaining weight quickly. However I did not realize that at some point I would have an issue with introducing my child to a bottle.

I then received a lot of opinions from other mothers that had introduced their breastfed children to a bottle. Many of them had similar experiences with their baby having regression of the bottle in the very beginning of introducing it. I was told the best way to get my baby to take a bottle of breast milk would be to leave her for a long enough time and she would get hungry enough to eat what ever was given to her. “She’ll eventually get so hungry she’ll have no choice but to take the bottle.” I really didn’t like the idea of letting my baby get so hungry that she’s forced to eat something she doesn’t feel comfortable eating. I didn’t want to take that comfort of security away from her just so I could have someone else feed her for me.

The option of letting my daughter cry until her lungs were sore because her tummy felt so empty was out of the question. Fortunately I didn’t have a deadline of when I needed to have her take a bottle so I decided I was going to gently introduce it to her slowly. That way she would be more interested and willing to take it once she understood that just because she wasn’t getting her milk from the breast didn’t mean it wasn’t milk from the breast. Below are the three main things I found to work best when it came to gently introducing my breastfed baby to a bottle.

1. Explore Your Options
When the time comes to select what type of bottle your baby will use for expressed milk, explore your options and keep an open mind when it comes to your options. I didn’t realize how many different brands and types of bottles there were until I needed to purchase one. At first I thought “I have these bottles included with my breast pump, I can just put a nipple on it and bam there’s my bottle.” No. It’s not always that simple. Now I’m sure there are some instances where the first bottle you give your baby they take it right away but that was not the case for me. And I know I’m not the only mother who has experienced this. So I decided to explore the range of bottles available and introduce a new one to her every time she would reject one. Yes this option can get pricey so I started with the least expensive bottle and worked my way up. After six different brands, and countless ounces of milk wasted, she finally seemed to show interest in what was coming out.

2. Stay Consistent
The first time you go to give your baby their first bottle and they spit it out with a disgusted look on their face, don’t give up assuming that she will never take milk from anything other than your breast. Consistency is key when it comes to bottle introduction. And from my experience, a little milk at a time can go a long way. One ounce, two ounces tops, because you’ll end up dumping whatever she doesn’t eat after it’s sat out for too long. The first time I gave my daughter a bottle of breast milk, I put a full four ounces in it assuming she would down the entire thing like the little piggy she was. After an hour of her suckling and spitting out milk, she had only drank about half an ounce. What I found worked best for us was to give her a small amount of breast milk in a bottle every day. That way she could get the feel of drinking her milk from something else other than a breast and I wasn’t wasting so much expressed milk at a time. Since I was giving her a bottle every day, it wasn’t forced on her and she was more willing to drink what was inside. Now when she sees me preparing her bottle, she gets excited and is more willing to take it.

3. Be Patient
As simple as it may see to introduce a bottle of the exact same liquid that comes out of your breast, it can be a complex and abrupt change for your baby. She may cry, she may pull away and she may even spit it all back out. And as frustrating as you may feel, remember to always be patient with your little one. It might not seem like a big deal but to them, it is huge difference eating from a breast to a bottle. As a mother, the best thing you can do for your baby is to take this new milestone as ever it may come. Whether she takes to the bottle right away or takes months to even reach out for the bottle, keep your cool and have patience. And always remember to have confidence in knowing that you as a mother are doing the right thing no matter what decision you make or path you may take.




Putting My Baby to Bed Alone Broke My Heart 

When my daughter hit the five month mark, I decided it was time to begin sleep training her to sleep in her own room for naps and eventually sleeping on her own at night. Up until then she had been sleeping in her swing for nap time and in a side sleeper beside my bed at night. Often ending up in bed with me as she woke up in the middle of the night to eat. I found it easier to just feed her laying side by side with my arm behind her, usually falling back asleep before she finished only to wake up to her sound asleep in my arms. I preferred it that way and truth be told I still do.

As she quickly approaches the half year mark, I want her to explore her independence as well as understanding that there are other forms of comfort besides in my arms. Her crib and her bedroom being an important one. I mean, her dad and I did spend months preparing this beautiful bedroom for her; painting her walls a periwinkle blue and piggy pink, painting my Jenny Lind crib the brightest white to match her dressers and rocking chair, finding the best art and frames to put them in to hang on her walls. We even build a book shelf to fill up with special books to read to her at night. So when the night came that she fell asleep in my arms after her bath and I decided to lay her down to sleep in her crib, part of me inside broke down.

“I felt like something was missing.”

Honestly, part of me was so proud that she had stayed asleep and looked so peaceful alone in her bed yet the other part of me was dying inside at the thought of her being alone. In her bed. At five months of age that meant for over a year now she has either been beside me or inside of me asleep and just thinking of her being in the next room over felt like she was miles away. What if she woke up and got scared when she realized I was not there beside her? She had never been alone at night in a room like that. Would it be too dark or too cold without the warmth of being beside me?

Was I overreaching? Probably so. Even more so when I went and checked on her about ten times within the hour. And when it came time for me to go to bed, about two hours after laying her down in her crib, I couldn’t get comfortable at all. I felt like something was missing. I went and checked on her in hopes that she might be awake or maybe stirring ready to eat soon. Yet there she lay ever so soundly all by herself. She never looked so grown before and in that dim light I could see her future. I could see what would all be a little girl in the face of an infant.

“As badly as I wanted to go in there and bring her to bed with me, I didn’t.”

I know it’s going to happen eventually, where one day she will always go to sleep alone in her room and I know it’s important to have that independence yet part of me is looking back on those first five months wondering why I ever got upset that she would wake up when I would try to set her in her side sleeper. And wondering how five months had gone away from me so quickly and how much I took them for granted.

As badly as I wanted to go in there and bring her to bed with me, I didn’t. Instead I just sat in bed wide awake, checking in on her every so often until four and a half hours later when she finally woke up to eat. I picked her up, gave her a soft kiss and told her how proud of her I was. Then carried her to my bedroom where she slept for the rest of the night. She may have not slept the entire night but after five months and barely staying asleep five minutes in there before, five hours alone in her crib was long enough for me.


Confessions of a New Mother

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed my baby. It’s an indescribably experience of a special bond between mother and child that takes patience, understanding and commitment. I knew choosing to solely breastfeed meant hearing lots of “advise” and opinions from pretty much every woman who has already been through the joys of first time motherhood. However, I did not know that so much of their given advice would be things that ultimately did not suit the lifestyle I was trying to give my baby.

“Breastfeeding can be a scary, frustrating, and painful time for new moms.”

Do not get my wrong, I greatly appreciated all the loving support I got from those who praised me for sticking to breastfeeding and not giving up at the peak, of what seems to be an exhilarating time after birth. You are learning to care for a new born child, and she is learning what the world out side of your womb is really like. Now imagine having to produce their only source of nourishment while keeping yourself healthy and happy. Breastfeeding can be a scary, frustrating, and painful time for new moms. But once you get past that first month hurdle, you begin to recognize your baby’s cues and soon it becomes second nature to your momma bear persona. At least that is how it has been in my experience of the first four months of my little girls life.

With that being said, it has been five long months of long interrupted nights with her waking, what seems to be, every two hours sometimes every hour to eat. Now this is where that advise from everyone comes in. “Why isn’t she sleeping through the night yet? She’s at the age where she should be sleeping longer without eating. Try putting a little bit of rice cereal in a bottle before bed that will make her sleep longer.”

Just typing that makes me grind my teeth at the thought of how many times I’ve been told it. I am by no means bashing anyone that has decided to supplement their baby with formula or cereal but it’s just not for me, no matter how long it makes my daughter sleep. I would rather wake up and give her my body’s natural nutrients than to add weight on her tummy and later on cause digestion issues for her.

“all I can hope for is that I am doing my very best.”

The more I heard stories of parents putting cereal in the bottle, the more I wanted to do some research on it before trying it out. Something within my new mommy instinct just didn’t feel right. And boy was I glad I went with my gut because come to find out the whole “baby will sleep longer with cereal” is nothing more than a myth and opinion based on experiences of others. It just did not seem right to me to be putting a beginner solid food into a liquefied bottle of milk. If she was to be getting cereal, it should be introduced on a spoon, not a bottle.

Now that my daughter has hit the five month mark, it seems as if she can go longer stretches during the day without wanting to nurse, roughly four hours.. five if she’s too busy being so involved in what everyone else is doing and what’s going on around her. But once we make our way to bed at night, she wants nothing more than to stay attached to my breast. Eating a little then dozing off, only to wake up within two hours and eat again. And you know what, I’m okay with that. She won’t always be by my side recieving her only source of food.

My sweet girl has been introduced to solids since she hit the five month mark but we have not given her a bottle with cereal in it. And that is exactly how it will stay. It may not seem like a big deal to others, but to me, her mother, its huge. My little baby is growing everyday and exploring new tastes and textures besides from me and I could not be more excited. I am doing what I feel is right for her when it comes to her nutrition and well being. As a first time mother, all I can hope for is that I am doing my very best.

So I guess where I’m going with this is, if you have ever felt pressured by anyone, whether it be a family member, friend, or even your spouse about supplementing your baby just to get them to sleep longer, please go with your gut. No matter what anyone says or how much they may say they have the best interest in you and the baby, remember they are not you, the mother of the baby and they certainly are not the baby. Mommy knows best and don’t ever let anyone try to tell you any different.




Five Basic Essentials for Baby

Please note the links provided are for informational purposes only to make it easier for readers to find products. I am by no means taking claim of any of these products and do not receive commission when products are purchased. Read more of my full disclosure here

Last year when I found out I was going to have a baby, I honestly had no idea how many people would want to express their happiness by showering the expected parents with gifts for their soon to be bundle of joy.

I assumed like many first time parents, the best thing to do was to have a baby shower. That way you can be given the gifts for baby all at once and whatever you don’t get after that can be bought later on if needed. I was asked by so many what did I need for a shower gift and I always said “diapers and wipes”. Truthfully that’s what I knew was going to be the most costly and obviously the most used. But it got me thinking what else was really essential when it came to a baby.

What other items would be used daily did I need to make sure were on the checklist before she got here? So I put together a list of things and narrowed it down to categories. These are my top five basic baby essentials.

1. Diapers/ Wipes
This is probably the most obvious item on the list since many Americans aren’t practicing infant potty training or “elimination communication”, like many eastern cultures do. Therefore having a baby entails changing diapers and lots of them if you think about how long your little one will be in these diapers. So I knew my top baby essential would be diapers and wipes because the two really go hand in hand.

Now comes the time on decided whether or not you want to used chemical free cloth diapers, all natural disposable diapers, or just any kind of disposable diaper that will get the job done. There is no right choice because whatever works best for mom and baby is the right way to go. What I did was asked everyone to get me a variety of brands when it came to diapers because I did not know for sure what would work best for baby. I am glad I did this because I got a feel for a lot different diapers within the first two months of my daughter’s life.

I found that what works best for her are the Honest diapers and once I ran out of those I started using the Pampers Swaddlers.  Since you’re going to be changing soiled diapers, you’re going to need to use something to wipe your baby’s bottom with. Yes you can wet a wash cloth, and honestly that’s probably a lot chemically safer than commercial wipes. But just like cloth diapers, not everyone wants to spend time cleaning wash cloths.

So finding a brand of wipes that works best for mom and baby is just as important as diapers. And just like diapers, I asked for all types of wipes so I could get a feel for each kind. Recently I have been using Huggies Natural Care baby wipes because they are fragrance free and they are thick enough that I can use less to get the job done quicker, if you catch my drift.

2. Car Seat
This baby essential should be just as obvious as the first one but surprisingly it’s not because not every culture requires a car seat when taking your baby home from the hospital. Now because every culture is different, and not everyone drives or has a vehicle, they do not all require a car seat for baby.

Let’s just say where you are does require, or at least recommends, having a car seat before the big arrival of baby. You are going to want to plan ahead and save enough up so that one can be purchased before heading to the hospital. If you do not bring it with you, make sure you have someone that can bring it to you to the hospital before you and baby leave because you are going to need it.

While I was pregnant, I quickly found out that the maternity ward will not let you leave the hospital with your baby unless you have an approved infant rear facing car seat. And with so many different styles and brands to chose from, first time parents have a lot to select from. Luckily I did not get the chance to chose a car seat for my daughter, we received one as a baby shower gift.

Unless you prefer a certain brand or may be on a budget just remember, as far as safety goes, any infant rear facing seat will work as long as it is newer than six years the manufacture date and has not been used in a car accident. I have been told that after six years of use and in the event of an extreme accident, the car seat is then void. However, keep in mind that many insurance companies will replace any car seat after an accident if notified of the event. So unless you plan to walk and carry your baby everywhere, you are going to need to look into some time of safety seat for babies.

3. Sleeping Cot
This next baby essential is not associated with everyone for the simple fact that everyone’s sleeping arrangements are different. Crib, pack and play, bassinet, side sleeper, co sleeping with you, no matter what type of sleeping method you decide to use, your baby is going to need somewhere safe to rest their head at bed time.

When the time came for us to decide what we were going to use for our daughter, my husband decided he wanted to build an arms reach bedside co-sleeper. As I like to call it, the side sleeper, fit perfectly on my side of the bed with baby’s mattress at about a two inch drop from our mattress. Making her safely in complete arms reach without being directly in our bed. It made night feeds extremely effortless because all I had to do was scoop her up and slip her beside me to eat, all while not leaving the comfort of my own bed.

Now take note that just because I had the side sleeper, it did not always mean my daughter stayed in it all night. To be honest, most nights she ended up in bed beside me because I would fall asleep feeding her, only to wake up to her asleep cuddled up so sweetly beside me.

A lot of baby brands also make pack and plays with an infant attachment designed to sit beside the bed so baby is still in the room beside you but not in the bed with you. They also make beautiful bassinets for newborns and infants but from the experiences of my mom friends, their babies grew out of the bassinet quit quickly.

You can always get a standard crib and even take one side off to put it on the side of the bed then once your baby is no longer in the room with you, put the side back on. Or if you decided your baby is going to sleep in their own room from the beginning, a crib itself is perfectly ideal for a safe sleeping spot.

If you decide to cosleep, that means you are keeping your baby with you in bed at night when you both are sleeping. Even though the AAP does not recommend bed sharing, I say every family’s circumstances are different. You know what’s best for your baby, yourself and your family so do what makes you all happy. As the mother, you should do whatever feels right to you.

4. Bottles or Breast Pump
This next essential is actually two different items but can go hand and hand. It also depends on how you decide to feed your baby. For example, some mothers decide to skip breastfeeding altogether and go straight to formula. They find that formula is the best option for them and their baby therefore bottles are a pretty big essential when it comes to bringing home your little bundle of joy.

Keep in mind every baby is different, so when you go to decide on the type of bottle he or she will use, look with an open mind. Your baby may not take just any bottle or she could be the complete opposite and take anything with a nipple and milk in it. There are plenty of options to chose from so don’t worry when it comes to finding the perfect bottle for baby.

Since I chose to exclusively breast feed my daughter, formula was not on my list. But I can assure you a breast pump was. There are many brands to chose from but I decided to go with the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra . It honestly was a life saver those first few weeks of trying to get breastfeeding established. Honestly before she was born, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have to constantly express milk. It wasn’t until my second night home that my milk really came in and I was completely engorged! It was so painful I had no choice but to pump. After all, the last thing I wanted was plugged ducts or mastitis.

Expressing was extremely uncomfortable the first few times but it beat the feeling of engorged breast by a million. I was lucky enough that I did not have to go back to work right away like so many mothers do after having a baby so I wasn’t forced to pump. But it was nice to have it as an option and to build up a supply in the mean time. That is why I say a breast pump is a top of the list essential because you may have to go back to work and you’re going to have to build up a supply of milk for baby. Or you may just want some relief for when your little one is already full but so are your breast! Trust me you will be grateful for it in the end.

5. Bath Wash
When I say bath wash, I am referring to shampoo, soap, bubble baths, and lotions specifically designed for babies and their soft, delicate skin. Nothing beats that fresh out of the bath, soft skin, clean baby smell! I love giving my little one a bath and watching her splash her hand and feet in the water. I’ve also noticed when she’s had a nightly bath, she seems to sleep more soundly than the nights she hasn’t.

It is important for me to note that some parents opt out of washing their baby with any type of soaps for the first few weeks or even months of life and just decide to rinse their babies in water. This is perfectly fine because babies can have such sensitive skin to any type of harsh chemicals that may be found in the soaps and it may end up irritating their skin more so than cleaning them.

However it may be good idea to have some form of hygienic material for when you do decide to bathe your little one with soaps. Again there are so many brands of baby bath wash to chose from and with organic and natural living on the rise, many of these brands are turning to chemical free ingredients.

Since I was a first time mother, I was trying not to be picky when it came to what I was given for my baby. Just as I was with many other baby products I received, I asked for a range of brands so I could try them all out and see what I liked and what worked best for my baby. Then when the time came to purchase my own, I would already know what I wanted.

With so many chemicals in our soaps and lotions I knew I wanted to use something natural that wouldn’t be harsh on my baby’s skin. After reading the labels on about six different brands of baby soaps, I decided to go with the fragrance free Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash. It’s plant based with 99.9% natural ingredients. Not to mention it leaves my little one smelling like a dream. I also purchased the Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Calming Lotion with lavender and vanilla scent, mainly for my own joy because I love all things that smell like lavender. We use the lotion sparingly because I honestly prefer to use all natural coconut oil as a moisturizer for my baby.
Either one leave my little one smelling amazing and keep her delicate skin soft and moisturized, which is what you want after all. Just shop around and find what works best for both you and your baby but remember every child is different, so what works for one may not work the same for another.

Well there you have it, those are my top five very basic, but very essential baby items that are, my opinion of, must haves when bringing home baby. Nothing too fancy or extremely costly, but nothing not worth going without either. Let me know what you think is any other top baby essential you found that you needed for your little one. I would love to hear what items worked best for your babies so maybe I can try them myself on little miss Mia.





Can It Wait?

What I’ve learned from being a mother is it can wait.

The sink full of dishes can wait. The five loads of dirty laundry can wait. The dog hair filled carpet that needs to be vacuumed can wait.

What can’t wait is your baby’s need for comfort and the soothing sound of her mothers voice. What can’t wait is her hunger and security from her source of nourishment.

I have learned that holding your child so close to you because she needs reassurance that she is safe and in the warm arms of the heartbeat she heard for the nine months you carried her can’t wait.

For she will only be this little for such a short time of her life and time does not wait for anyone. So pick up and hold your child when she cries out for you.

Let her sleep on your chest a moment longer so she can feel you breathe and listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat. Let her know she is safe, she may carry on these small moments with her for the rest of her life.

Memorable moments in life do not wait.