Welcome to Everything Emilia, my little perspective on motherhood with a bit of a holistic-minimalist lifestyle. Do more, worry less, right?

I live in the countryside on the east coast with my  wildflower of a daughter, Emilia. She reminds me everyday how eternally blessed I am to have the life I do. Together we have the entire world in our backyard.

Im a legging wearing, coffee drinking, flower loving twenty five year old first time mother hoping to provide a positive perspective on life for my daughter that will one day be instilled with her forever. I aim to teach her she can shine bright even in the dimmest of worlds.

I find the happiest of moment are spent with my darling and our beloved Emilia. This is where the inspiration for this blog came from: unscripted candid moments, a realistically yet gentle approach to parenting, and nothing but love. This is Everything Emilia, follow us on our journey to everlasting utopia as I learn what motherhood is all about.