Six Things Ive Learned From Being a Mother

The month of June marks the sixth month of my little Mia’s life as well as my sixth month being a mother. I am still in complete awe that I have been given the gift of motherhood so the fact that half of an entire year has passed by me in the blink of an eye is just astonishing. 

It has been the biggest change I have yet to experience in my life, filled with so much joy, love, and learning. I know I still have a very long journey of motherhood ahead of my but I do have to admit, I have learned so much in such a short six months. So in honor of Emilia’s half birthday, here are six things I have discovered and learned from being a mother.  

1. Sleep Habits Will Change 

In the past six months my sleeping habits have been so sporadic and fluctuated that I don’t even keep track of how many hours of sleep I get anymore. I just close my eyes when my head hits the pillow at night and hope it’s for at least three solid hours. Which I might add doesn’t always happen with a breastfeeding, teething, growth spurt infant. Before I got pregnant I slept like a rock. I could sleep the day away and be up partying all night like the night owl I was. My life is completely opposite as a parent considering now I go to bed around the time I would be going out and I wake up around the time I would be going to sleep. As a new mother, I definitely can’t stay up past three in the morning anymore. And if I’m up watching the sunrise, it’s not because I’m sobering up from that night but because I’ve been woken up by a sweet giggling baby on the bed next to me. However in my six short months of motherhood, I have learned I can run on two to four hours of sleep at night and still feel completely blissful toward my daughter. 

2. No Such Thing As Silence 

While there are hours of the day that my baby girl is absolutely silent and sleeping soundly. In my head I hear her crying! I don’t mean like voices in my head crying but constantly feeling like the baby is awake. Seriously, I will put her down for a nap, go outside in the yard about 20 feet from the room she is sleeping in and swear on my life I can hear her stirring or crying. Only to go inside and see her peacefully asleep. Sometimes my momma bird instincts are right on and I actually do hear her cry. Though it does get frustrating when I try to take a relaxing and much needed shower with a crying baby right out side the door. It’s even worse when I think I hear her crying, get out of the shower to check on her, only to see her siting there fast asleep. It’s like my brain tricks me into believing I hear crying. And if I do actually hear it, I can hear it over anything else around me almost as if it’s this weird super power or something. Either way, silence has been non existent for the past six months. 

3. Patience Is Key

When I have a cranky baby who is fighting her nap or constantly wanting to be held because her gums are sore from teething but I also have five loads of laundry to fold or a well needed shower after three days, I can sometimes get a bit frustrated. Being a new mom, I can tell you I have definitely already learned some patience. Before my daughter I was this huge neat freak that had to everything just so. Now I realize what needs to be done will get done eventually and as long as my teeth are brushed, I’m alright. Being patient with my baby and not expressing negative emotions toward her is so much more important than having the clothes folded perfectly or keeping the house model clean. As long as I keep my cool with her, she can feel that I’m calm therefore it keeps her calm enough to get what really needs to be done done. 

4. Say Goodbye to a Spotless House

Before I got pregnant, and even when I was pregnant, I was constantly wiping surfaces and cleaning floors, wiping baseboard and vacuuming five sometimes six days a week. My house was no where near filthy but I guess the nesting bug hit me head because no matter how much I cleaned I felt like the house was never clean enough. There was never a dish in the sink, never a bed unmade and barely any dog hair on the carpets. Since becoming a mom, I’m lucky enough to get the dishes done before I go to bed. I can forget about perfectly made hospital corner beds like my grandma taught me. And I’m lucky enough if I get the house vacuumed three times a week. 

5. Cuddling Is A Must

I have to admit, I’ve never really been much of a cuddlier. I don’t mind snuggling up on the couch with my love and watching a movie but when it comes time for bed, I do not want to be in close contact at all. I want to be able to lay on my stomach, stretch out my arms and legs and drift into dreamland. That all changed when I became a mom. Personal space is a thing of the past. Especially since Mia is breastfed, she is in close proximity to me all night long. Even though she has her own bed, she somehow ends up in bed beside me cuddled up with her hands all over my face, pulling my hair and kicking mu stomach for more room. She loves to cuddle and be held to sleep. And you know what, I truly prefer it. I want her to want to cuddle with me and hold her any chance I get. She’s only this little for such a short time, and one day she won’t fit so easily in my arms. So for now cuddling is an absolute must. 

6. I Am Loved

I know my family and friends love me and I know my fiancé loves me as well. I have so much love in my life that you would think I knew what it felt like to really be loved. But I truly didn’t. I had no idea what it meant to look into the eyes of a new life and see yourself and so much more. I had no idea of the true concept of unconditional love for such a tiny beautiful soul until I gave birth. I never knew that I could feel so down then be given the cutest little smile and literally feel your heart swell up with such extreme happiness. Everyday I have someone who looks at me as if I am their entire world. She smiles at me with true and unconditional love that I can feel running through my entire body. I am never alone when I look into her eyes. I am never ugly, wrong or not good enough. To her, I am everything. Just as she is to me. I now know what it feels like to take such a huge piece of my soul and put it into someone else. It’s as if I am watching my own heart beating outside of my body. My first born, my Mia. She really is my one true love. 





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