Can It Wait?

What I’ve learned from being a mother is it can wait.

The sink full of dishes can wait. The five loads of dirty laundry can wait. The dog hair filled carpet that needs to be vacuumed can wait.

What can’t wait is your baby’s need for comfort and the soothing sound of her mothers voice. What can’t wait is her hunger and security from her source of nourishment.

I have learned that holding your child so close to you because she needs reassurance that she is safe and in the warm arms of the heartbeat she heard for the nine months you carried her can’t wait.

For she will only be this little for such a short time of her life and time does not wait for anyone. So pick up and hold your child when she cries out for you.

Let her sleep on your chest a moment longer so she can feel you breathe and listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat. Let her know she is safe, she may carry on these small moments with her for the rest of her life.

Memorable moments in life do not wait.



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